Thank You Andy Moscola

At Jaxonbilt Hat Co, building long lasting relationships with our clients is important to us. Our clients who want a variety of hat styles depending on their interests makes for exciting days in our shop.

Here’s a recent letter we received from Andy:

“I am Andy Moscola and I grew up in West Texas in a cowboy environment. My life style involved the cowboy life and wearing cowboy hats. As of right now I hold 3 strongest man titles, and have a 900 pound bench press under my belt. All the hats in these pictures are part of my collection of cowboy hats that were all made by Master Hatter Roy Jackson of Jaxonbilt Hat Company. I have had the pleasure of wearing Jaxonbilt hats for the last 10 years if not a few more than that. Like most companies you look at their catalog and pick from what they have there. The great thing about Jaxonbilt Hats it is not like that. One can call up there and speak to Master Hatter Roy Jackson and describe a hat or what I am picturing in my head and boom he produces it. At this time I am the lucky owner of at least 300 of their hats, summer as well as winter hats. The brown hat in this picture is one that was built especially for me and I was blown away by it when I got it. It is awesome, beautiful and amazing. I am calling this specially built hat “The Texas Bad Ass”, not because I think I am that but because it is one bad ass hat.

Andy's Texas Bad Ass Hat

Please know that when you buy a hat from Jaxonbilt, you are getting quality. Master hatter Roy Jackson sees all customers as his first priority no matter if you buy 1 or 300 hats. There is a great customer service at Jaxonbilt and every customer feels as they are priority one. Remember from one cowboy to another you get what you pay for. Not only is my specially made hat a bad ass hat, but every hat from Jaxonbilt is bad ass.”
Thanks Andy Moscola

This is the latest hat we have made for our valued customer Andy Moscola who now owns over 300 of our Jaxonbilt Hats and is a World Champion Strongman. Andy is a colorful character and always has a joke handy and never ceases to get a laugh out of us all here at Salmon. We appreciate Andy’s loyalty and would Ike to say thank you.

Andy sent us photos of him wearing a sampling of hats from his very personal Jaxonbilt Hat Collection. Enjoy…