Custom Hat Services

Cowboy Hat Cleaning ServicesThe Master Hatters at Jaxonbilt Hat Co builds custom, cowboy hats, western hats, western movie hats, cowboy action shooting hats and western re-enactment hats.

SERVICES – Send me your tired, beat-up, stained hat and I can restore it to as close to original condition as possible!!! We provide a quality hat restoration and hat renovation service. Don’t want to restore your old hat? We offer trade in prices on a new JAXONBILT HAT!

A unique offer from JAXONBILT HAT CO. How about ordering your next hat and a hat can to protect your investment, with a hand painted western scene of your choice? A special service, which we know will make your next hat purchase the talk of every one that sees it.

*Special order hats require a deposit.

* Please note that felt hats may shrink during renovation causing you to lose 1/8″ to 1/4″ off your brim width. This is a condition of the felt and JAXONBILT HAT CO. cannot be held responsible for the shrinkage. However, every effort will be made to return your hat with it’s original brim width.


  • Store your hat on its crown or in a box. Consider using a hat retainer. NEVER store your hat brim down on a flat surface. This can cause your brim to flatten.
  • Remove surface dust often using a soft brush or hat sponge. Begin cleaning at the left front side, working the felt counterclockwise.
  • Avoid heat. Store your hat in a cool dry place. Heat, perspiration and moisture will shrink the sweat band. NEVER store your hat in the back window of a hot car or pick-up.
  • To help keep rain, snow or heavy perspiration from reshaping your hat, turn the sweat band down, allow the hat to rest on the sweat band until dry.
  • Corn starch or baby talc may be used to clean small water spots from light colored hats.