Here at Jaxonbilt we reblock/resize felt hats. That’s when we remove both the sweat and silk liner out of the hat, afterwards we reblock it to be ether smaller or larger (within reason). Once the hat is reblocked we put a new silk and sweat into the hat we shape it how it was.

Reblock/Resize (Picked up from store)$80
Reblock/Resize (Shipped)$80 + Shipping
**Quoted in USD**


We also reblock/restyle felt hats. We reblock the hat after we pull out the silk liner and sweat, once it’s reblocked we reshape the hat to the new desired shape (within reason).

Reblock/Restyle (Picked up from store)$80
Reblock/Restyle (Shipped)$80 + Shipping
**Quoted in USD**