#17 HAIR 0N

#17 HAIR ON Custom Movie Hat

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#17 HAIR ON Custom Cowboy Hat

“Hair On” custom cowboy hat. It was a difficult choice to place this hat in the JB’s Occasional Cowgirls line up or the general JAXONBILT line of of felt hats. The nice little hat could certainly fit both categories. The hat pictured has a long horn hair on hide on the topside, over a Sahara felt. Of course, you can have yours with the hair on hide of your choice, as well as the style and color of your choice. This is a quality hat through and through and it looks it. Notice how the crown band harmonizes with the hair on hide. We believe that you will be wearing the hat of the year. A custom hat is designed just for you, you will feel like it has been on your head forever.